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Wands in the store


Wands is a accessory that is held by the player and shoots projectiles via Ctrl button or the shoot button on a Mobile device, the use of these wands can vary depending on the type.

Sa Edit

  • Knockback Wand: used to Knock Back a Player a few blocks, activate a bumper or stun a Slyme.
  • Harm Wand: used to harm a Player, activate a bumper or stun a Slyme.
  • Shrink Wand: used to shrink a player for a few seconds (you can kill them by standing on them while they are shrunk), activate a bumper or stun a Slyme.
  • Heal Wand: used to heal a player, activate a bumper or stun a Slyme.
  • Necromancer Wand: used to resurrect a Slyme from its grave. (grave block)

Craftable WandsEdit

Two wands that can be crafted

​Un-Craftable WandsEdit

There are Wands that cannot be crafted they can ONLY be brought with cubits at the Cubit Store or at a Player's Store.

  • Shrink Wand
  • Heal Wand
  • Necromancer Wand

Crafting Recipes Edit

Harm Wand: Golden Wand, Magical Potion, Bones, Red Magic Gem

Knockback Wand: Silvery Wand, Magical Potion, Gold Magic Gem, Blue Magic Gem

Tool: none