I'll be using this blog to draft up examples that could be used within the wiki.

Crafting formula

Hovering the mouse over each ingredient will display the name. Clicking on it will direct the user to that particular page.

MultiPlank Green plus Iron 0 Green plus Tacks 0 Green plus Glue 0 Green plus Anyhammer Green plus CraftStation 0 Arrow-right-24 Chest 0

With Copy>Paste, it would take 5minutes per page to apply this providing all images and pages are available.

Source code:

{| cellspacing="8px" |- | [[File:MultiPlank.png|link=Wood Planks]] [[File:Green plus.png]] [[File:Iron_0.png|link=Iron]] [[File:Green plus.png]] [[File:Tacks_0.png|link=Tacks]] [[File:Green plus.png]] [[File:Glue 0.png|link=Glue]] [[File:Green plus.png]] [[File:Anyhammer.png|link=Hammer]] [[File:Green plus.png]] [[File:CraftStation 0.png|link=Workbench]] [[File:arrow-right-24.png]] [[File:Chest_0.png]] |}

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