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Tip Piggy

Item Type: Blocks

The Tip Piggy is an interactive decoration block that allows people to place Cubits inside as (a) tip(s) , hence the name "Tip Piggy" .

The Tip Piggy is (currently) only obtainable via the Cubit Store for 500 Cubits.

Though it may seem heavily priced, the returns can easily exceed the price if used within the right circumstances. Some consider the Tip Piggy a long term investment item.

  • "Mining" the Tip Piggy releases all contained Cubits across the ground around where the pig was placed and also (thankfully) drops the Tip Piggy.
  • Only players with build permissions within the realm where the pig is placed can see the amount of Cubits that are contained inside the pig.
  • The amount of contained Cubits is displayed within the chat panel when the pig is approached. However, if it is empty, no message will be displayed.

NOTE: When "mining" the Tip Piggy for the collected Cubits, the Cubits and pig drop onto the floor. In the new update only players with build permision can pick up items including cubits so you don't need to worry about random players stealing them when you break the Tip Piggy, but still it's better to break it when you're alone. There is a setting which the tip piggy can't be broken and must reach the selected amount to break it again (it helps for saving cubits so you can't spend too much).

Trivia Edit

  • The Tip Piggy is highly used as a source for trading Cubits for payment between players, alhough it isn't as safe as the Cash Register.


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