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Almighty Cube

Item Type: Blocks

The Almighty Cube is a non craftable decorative block that shows players support of the game due to the extensive cost of purchasing one.

This item can only be obtained via the Cubit Store for the amount of 25,000 Cubits. Very Rare, No deity of use.

Only one Almighty Cube can be placed per room. If players attempt to place more than one, a system message appears:

"Cannot place! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"

  • This also comes into effect if one is placed within glass or left floating on the ground, before attempting to build the second.
  • If players want to place a cube within glass and have one also built within the room, players must build the cube before placing cubes within glass.
  • There is no restriction as to how many can be placed into glass.

Once placed, the Almighty cube always faces south/downwards from the rooms original camera angle.

This block is player transparent. ( players can freely move through this block ). As seen in the provided image in the gallery below.

Trivia Edit

  • This item's creation was inspired by a player back in the games beta stages.
  • It is a common misconception, that only one Cube can be placed per realm. When in fact, one cube can be placed in each "room" of a realm.
  • The Almighty Cube flashes from pink to purple.


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