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Overworlds are the "lobbies outside realms" that acts as a lobby between user's creations. They consist of Launchpads, Player Realms, and Natural Mines. In addition, one may use the Skymap in the options menu to view the current overworld in a map layout.

The Skymap also has a search function to help find players realms, and also a categorization search to help narrow down clusters to help players search for more specific locations. You can place your realms there using your "Starter Realm"thing located in your inventory. The realm you placed will disappear after a time limit and you will need to place to again to make it searchable in overworlds.

To travel between overworlds, find the Launchpad (displayed as a bullseye ontop of an arrow on the skymap) and jump onto it as you would a realm, then select the overworld you wish to travel to. 

 List of OverworldsEdit

There are currently Five different overworlds available:

  • Eden.
The first and original overworld created, also the most populated.
other overworlds. (in order of date added to the game)
  • Tinkerworld
  • Pelago
  • Spyre
  • Aspen
  • Eden
The second overworld to be created, released in version 0.8.5 in June 2014

Trivia Edit

  • Overworlds besides Eden are extensions to help maintain population growth. As population grows, the population of other overworlds will be overpopulated with castles.
  • Traveling between overworlds via the launchpad shows an animation of travel by rocket. But if a player uses the instant teleport function by teleporting to a player or players realm, the generic loading screen applies.
  • You cannot drop items in the overworld.
  • Pets will not be shown in the overworld.
  • You cannot fire wands in the overworld.

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