Krampus Edit


The Krampus mask is an extremely rare clothing item that was added in the Cubic Castles Yuletide pack, December, 2014. It was rare when the pack was out, but after Christmas was over, it gained more and more value. As of today it is the 2nd rarest item in Cubic Castles, after the Pink Umbrella.

They can sell from anywhere between 350,000 to 425,000 cubits.

In the 2015 Christmas update, the Krampus was not added to the pack. Instead, Sir Kewberth (Admin) held a contest. He set up donation tables in his realm, and players could visit and drop Warp Food to their realms on the table. On Christmas Eve, Sir Kewberth picked (?) number of Warp Food, ate it to go to their realms, and left each winner a Krampus in a chest.

Quality: Orange (quest or event item)

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