The Harm Wand is a wand capable of attributes such as, damage, death, or revenge. To craft a Harm Wand you will need. Bones, Red Magical Gem, Magical Potion, and a Golden Wand. Each is pretty simple to make.

Bones - Can be acquired through a Desert Mine.

Red Magical Gem - x4 Red Magical Dust, this dust can be acquired through fairies found in sparkling plants or crops.

Golden Wand - Gold, Varnish, Whittled Stick. Gold can be found in mines. To craft varnish you will need Solvent and Pine Resin. And a Whittled Stick to me is unknown. I have yet to find it in the Cubic Learning Center.

Magical Potion - Purple Magical Gem, X4 Ghost Gum, Cloudy Potion. Solvent. Purple magical gems cost X4 purple magical dust which can be found the same way as red magical dust. Ghost gum is just extracting dead trees from the Arctic mines. And the Cloudy Potion can be crafted through Sunny Potions, Spicy Potions, and Fiery Potions. solvent is attained by putting yumberrys in a distiller