MultiHalfPlaster 0

Colored Half Plaster

Item Type: Blocks

Colored Half Plaster is just like other blocks. The blocks is just a decoration that give you a colorful plaster but in half size.

HalfBlackPlaster 0
Half Black Plaster
HalfBluePlaster 0
Half Blue Plaster
HalfGreenPlaster 0
Half Green Plaster
HalfOrangePlaster 0
Half Orange Plaster
HalfPinkPlaster 0
Half Pink Plaster
HalfPurplePlaster 0
Half Purple Plaster
HalfRedPlaster 0
Half Red Plaster
HalfWhitePlaster 0
Half White Plaster
HalfYellowPlaster 0
Half Yellow Plaster

Crafting RecipesEdit

How To Make:

Change Color




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