Forest Mine in the Overworld features a pickaxe with tree symbols in the circle.


Forest Mine symbol


Forest Mine is a realm that has a lot of trees, flowers, Sunberry Bushes, ponds, mud baths and mushrooms. There are many sparkling mushrooms, which will spawn a Fairy after mining each of them.

Light Rain is the main environment in Forest Mines, although there will be Thunderstorm environment sometimes.


Inside a Forest Mine


  • Tree Trunk* and Tree Leaves*
  • Flower (Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White)
  • Mushroom* and Mushroom Patch*
  • Beewax
  • Mud
  • Water
  • Grass*
  • Bush and Stick 
  • Sunberry Bush* and Sunberry*
  • Black Marble*
  • Ores:
    • Stone
    • Coal
    • Iron
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
(*): Unique - only appear in Forest Mines


  • Most of the ores are found under the ponds or the mud baths. The rest of them are either underground or in the egdes


  • In very rare occasions, Gold and Silver might spawn in Forest Mines as well.

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