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Item Type: Blocks
A Flower is a decoration block that places a colorful flower on the ground. It can be crafted into Dye to give color to other materials like Glass or Plaster.
BlueFlower 0
Blue Flowers
PinkFlower 0
Pink Flowers
RedFlower 0
Red Flowers
WhiteFlower 0
White Flowers
YellowFlower 0
Yellow Flowers

Crafting RecipesEdit

How to obtain:

  • Different flowers are found more plentiful in different mines.
  • Red Flowers are easily found in Tropical Mines, but can also be found in Forests
  • Most flowers are typically easily found in Tropical Mines



  • Yellow flowers are similar to Sunflowers
  • White flowers are similar to Daisies
  • Blue flowers are similar to Germanium
  • Red flowers are similar to Red Daisies
  • Pink flowers are similar to Love-me-not Flowers


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