Easter Umbrella Edit


The Easter Umbrella (also known as Pink Umbrella) is a clothing item that is held above the player's head. Though it is held in the hand, it does not work like a wand. It is currently the 2nd rarest item in the game, only bested by the Sun Crown.

In the 2016 Easter update, an official contest was held, to see who could gather the most Easter Eggs. An info block in the Cubic Town Center kept everyone up to date. The top 50 players who collected the most eggs were awarded an Easter Umbrella. The fact that there are only 51 of these existing makes them so rare.

In the 2017 Easter update, the Easter Umbrella was given out again, making 101(confirm) Easter Umbrellas.

The 51st Easter Umbrella was given away in a monthly Raffle.

Quality: Orange (quest or event item)

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