Desert Mine Overworld

A Desert Mine as shown on the Overworld

The Desert is a climate found at Desert Mines scattered across the Overworlds, or generated when a player purchases a Room or a Castle Deed.

Desert Mine

A player inside a Desert Mine

Items Edit

Common Edit

These items can be found almost anywhere you look.

Uncommon Edit

These items aren't as common, but aren't rare either.

Very Rare Edit

These items are very rare, and is not found in most of the mines!

Tips Edit

  • If you need multitudes of Plaster, you're in the right place. Since White Plaster is made with a Sand block and two Stone, just mine as much Sand as you can, and break Boulders to find some Stone.
  • Need some Glass? If you own a Forge, it's an easy job. Just mine as much Sand as you need, and then smelt them in your Forge.
  • If Stone is one thing you need, just go around and smash Boulders. If you have some left over, just smash them in your realm.

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