Main page of the store

The Cubit Store is an interface where you can spend your hard-earned Cubits on a variety of items, including Castle Deeds, clothing, and other useful items. You can also purchase additional Cubits at the cost of real money.

Sections Edit

  • Get Cubits! 
  • Outfits!
    • Critter Suit Pack 
    • Wings Pack
    • Accessories
    • Hats & Wigs Pack
    • Clothes Packs 
  • Builds!
    • Get Rooms!
    • Get Realms!
    • Recube!
      • Contains Recube Bin and recube-only items
    • Dungeon Pack
    • Scaffolding
    • Various packs of items or materials.
  • Items!
    • Realm Basics
    • Parkour
    • Spudbug Pack
    • Game
    • Pets
    • Castle Stamps
    • Foam Kit
    • Environments
    • Almighty Cube
    • Baleful Box
    • Clanstone
    • Door Stamps
    • Mannequins
    • Holla
    • Nametag
    • Official Paper
    • Nuke
    • Quest Pack
    • Slyme Pack
    • Security Pack
    • Wands
    • Flags


  • In the IOS/Android version, there's a "Free Cubits" option in "Get Cubits!" section. 

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