The Cubit in all of its glory

Cubits are the principal currency of Cubic Castles. You can use your cubits to buy things at the Cubit Store.

In this moment, there are currently 6 ways to get Cubits;

  • Simply mine blocks. There is a chance when you mine, that you will earn 1 cubit.
  • Buy Cubits with real currency on the Cubit Store.
  • Trading with other players.
  • If you have a Tip Piggy, Anyone can donate cubits to you. (Everywhere and everytime you can, use it).
  • Complete Daily Missions. They give you 50 cubits each.
  • In Android and IOS editions, you can watch videos and install apps to obtain Cubits for free.


  • The Cubit Store was different back then. Did you know you could buy specific clothing instead of random ones? And did you know you could buy already planted berrys? AND they are extremely rare now and cost atleast 50K cubits? That's alot!
  • This page was originally in Spanish, and was a candidate for deletion? Me, Minynja, translated it! Now it can be an extra page to help new players.