Clans are player made organisations.

You can start your own clan by buying a clanstone in the cubit store for 20,000 cubits, or buying from other players for around half the price.

Note that clans are binded to clanstones. if you buy a clanstone from someone, it might already have had a clan binded to you that you don't want. You can change the name and other features with clan XP. Each player online slowly generates clan XP. For 2500 XP you can rename your clan. The first clan level requires 5000 XP to level up.

Clanlist: Edit

(Add your Clan here)

Entered Clans: [5] Edit

-Kingdom of BillyPoo


-The Angels Army

-KingdoM of the K!nGs

- Scammer Police

- The Cubic School Of Wizardry..

- ...

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