MultiChecker 0

Colored Checkers

Item Type: Blocks

Colored Checkers are blocks that have a motif like those of chess boards. They have no real purpose, except as decorations. The default color is grey, but you can change it with Dye. The minimum dimensions to show color are 2x2.

GreyChecker 0
Grey Checker
BlackChecker 0
Black Checker
BlueChecker 0
Blue Checker
GreenChecker 0
Green Checker
OrangeChecker 0
Orange Checker
PinkChecker 0
Pink Checker
PurpleChecker 0
Purple Checker
RedChecker 0
Red Checker
WhiteChecker 0
White Checker
YellowChecker 0
Yellow Checker

Crafting RecipesEdit

How to make:

Output Material Material Crafting . Station
Grey Checker 2 Stone Coal Block Workbench
Stone Block Coal Block Workbench
Coal 2 Stone Workbench

Change Color


You can play chess in these blocks


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