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A Material is one of the critical parts of crafting. The other parts are Crafting Tool and Crafting Station. Materials can be found in Natural Mines or bought in Cubit Store. Most things in Cubic Castle World can be obtain by crafting the materials such as Furniture, Blocks, etc... (see Crafting page for complete recipe).

List of Material

If there is an incorrect material or something that we've missed, please leave a constructive and accurate comment. Use [CTRL+F] to find the material.

Blocks & Buildables

Note 0
A Note
Note 1
A# Note
Anvil 0
Note 0
B Note
BlackCheckerStairs 0
Black Checker Stairs
BlackChecker 0
Black Checkers
BlackGlass 0
Black Glass
BlackHalfChecker 0
Black Half Checker
BlackPlaster 0
Black Plaster
BlackPlasterStairs 0
Black Plaster Stairs
BlueCheckerStairs 0
Blue Checker Stairs
BlueChecker 0
Blue Checkers
BlueFlower 0
Blue Flower
BlueGlass 0
Blue Glass
BlueHalfChecker 0
Blue Half Checker
BluePlaster 0
Blue Plaster
BluePlasterStairs 0
Blue Plaster Stairs
BlueSofa 0
Blue Sofa
Bomb 0
BouncyBlock 0
Bouncy Block
BoyStarterGift 0
Boy's Starter Gift
Bush 0
Note 0
C Note
Note 1
C# Note
Cactus 0
Canon 0
CaveWall 0
Cave Wall
CedarFence 0
Cedar Fence
Checkpoint 0
Chest 0
ChiliberryBush 0
Chiliberry Bush
ClayBlock 0
Clay Block
ClayBrick 0
Clay Brick
ClayBrickCap 0
Clay Brick Cap
Cloud 0
CoalBlock 0
Coal Block
Computer 0
CottonBush 0
Cotton Bush
Crude Signpost
Crude Signpost
Note 0
D Note
Note 1
D# Note
DeadTree 0
Dead Tree
Distiller 0
DoubleMattress 0
Double Mattress
DownSign 0
Down Sign
Note 0
E Note
Extractor 0
Note 0
F Note
Note 1
F# Note
FancyCabinet 0
Fancy Cabinet
FancyChair 0
Fancy Chair
FancyRoad 0
Fancy Road
FancyTable 0
Fancy Table
Canon 0
Fast Cannon
Geyser 0
Fast Geyser
FinialSandStone 0
Finial Sandstone
FinialStone 0
Finial Stone
Forge 0
FrostberryBush 0
Frostberry Bush
Note 0
G Note
Note 1
G# Note
GirlStarterGift 0
Girl's Starter Gift
Glass 0
GoldBlock 0
Gold Block
GoldPlate 0
Gold Plate
GoldenStairs 0
Golden Stairs
GreenCheckerStairs 0
Green Checker Stairs
GreenChecker 0
Green Checkers
GreenGlass 0
Green Glass
GreenHalfChecker 0
Green Half Checker
GreenPlaster 0
Green Plaster
GreenPlasterStairs 0
Green Plaster Stairs
GreyCheckerStairs 0
Grey Checker Stairs
GreyChecker 0
Grey Checkers
GreyHalfChecker 0
Grey Half Checker
HalfBlackPlaster 0
Half Black Plaster
HalfBluePlaster 0
Half Blue Plaster
HalfClay 0
Half Clay
HalfCoral 0
Half Coral
HalfDirt 0
Half Dirt
HalfGrass 0
Half Grass

Raw Ingredients & Tools


Most clothing can be obtained by purchasing it in the Cubit Store, but plain Pants and Shirts are craftable.


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