Well, this is about a update that should have never happened...

The Update Edit

A rather unfair update when it comes to Parkour, triple-jump and you fall right to your death, sadly. It is a update where when you jump three times, you bash the ground, leaving parkour a thousand times harder, but hey, it makes the creators money! But there is bump blocks! Hey, that sounds real fun! Except it isn't, people could over-use these so each time you get to a check point you are like "Hooray!" but if you end up failing harshly on the level, your fault you didn't bump it, bump every block you can, just some advice. A update that could still get worse~ but seriously, bumping? Ridiculous, show us where the "Game Settings" are and give us the option to disable bumping for our account. Such a bad update for panicking in parkour.

Further news! Prize machines, yep, you just read that, prize machines. (Seriously?) First of all, they would be the most epic thing you could do for someone when it is a parkour and they succeed, even with no checkpoints (Or no bump checkpoints, bleck) they complete it, NOT when it is a 3x5 map with 50 other people in it. And to make it worse on a 3x5 map of free prezzies, everyone goes on it and later complains about how they didn't get one, trolls man, dont even go until they are gone, but another thing might be there are no presents anymore, heck. And to make thing all so much worse, you can only take ONE present per time it is placed, most of the time you hollawarp, and you leave and end up nowhere near it when you wanna leave and rejoin for another go at the prezzies. Again, another terrible-if-misused thing in Cubic.

Other news! Dice, BUMP dice, DICE! Yay, except not yay, there is not a 5 or a 6, only the useless 1 2 3 or 4, real bad for a dice block. But hey, there could be some random idea out there that could be fun or needs a strategic player.

The horrid news that is linked to the beginning paragraph, Bump Blocks. Well, Bump Dice, CheckPoint, and Bump Heal Pad,Jehovah save us. These blocks are the smartest idea here, but real stupid. It take bumping, the awful parkour panic death button, to operate. Bump the checkpoint, you spawn there when you die, Heal Pad... Y'know, takes some of the best blocks ever and changes them to a level of utter stupid, so stupid I took a few minutes to get it a word. Ugh, this update man.

Summary Edit

So in a smaller format, a much smaller format, it is a really really really really stupid update according to my descision, comment what your descision is.

By: SScatbox

Usernames: Kogama: sscatbox

Roblox, Cubic, Goodgame Empire, Big farm, Goodgame Galaxy, and Family Farm: KittyNebula

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