The Adventure mode is like an tutorial, but more history-like.


You are The Chosen One. You have to save the world from the slime kingdom, Slymoria.


You start in the Kotep Desert. You cannot jump until you get your first Power Cube. 
CUBIC level up

Touching the first Power Cube gives you the power to jump.


After that, you get to the QBee Village.

Your objective now is to talk to Master Flinch. He unlocks the Dark Forest.

After you pass through the Forstaken Temple, You receive the power to double jump. Go talk to Master Flinch again to continue. But wait... The village has been attacked! You go to the Mount QBee to investigate any attacks on there, and, there you find The Slyme Cave.

You talk to the Slymelord Emissary, he reveals that their demands are to dominate your world to expand their kingdom, and make all citizens work for them. But that's not good! So you decide to try to stop them.

You get to the QBEECorp Mine, there you get the power to craft.

You have to craft a candle, because the way is too dark. You find the materials in the crates shown in the image below.

CUBIC castles ingredients

The crates are normally just decorative, but in this adventure, they give itens.

After you get through the tunnel, you reach the Summer Road.

When you reach the QBee Village again, Master Flinch says he heard that Scammington was attacked too, and he wants you to go investigate.

But first, you need to craft 5 Refined Iron for Foreman Fred. Go to the Smithy Workshop and make them in the forge.

After you make the irons, go talk to him again. He asks you to get his Screwdriver.

The screwdriver is behind the crates in the Smithy Workshop.

Q: Why couldn't I get the screwdriver earlier?

A: Because it was locked before.

When you go talk to him, he has almost finished the bridge. You can pass, though. But the guard says to you go talk to Master Flinch, because he has some assistance to give you. Flinch gives you 50 cubits, that will be important later on the adventure, and 5 gold .

After you get to the Scammington Bridge, you can choose between driving a car or walking by foot.

When you get to the Scamminton Gate, go talk to the Senior Gate Guard, he will not let you through because you are not wearing any clothing. Kip Squareblock says he has clothing to give you, and you have to waste all your 50 cubits and put it onto his Tip Piggy, which is not a safe way to trade.

Then, as expected, there is no clothing in his storage. He scams you, then pretends he did never meet you.

You go to the Shop, then you trade your 5 gold for an basic outfit.

After you wear your clothing, the guard lets you through, and the first episode ends in Scammington.

From there and on, Cubic Castles has his own hint guide, that can be seen clicking here .

Bonus Stars:Edit

Bonus Star 1: On the Dark Forest, after you get your double jump, go to an dark area that has a block with a star stamp. There you get your first bonus star.

This is not done yet, click here to put the rest of the stars, or just press edit on the right side from the "Bonus Stars" title.

Sample: Bonus Star #: On the (place you get the star) , after (what you have to have first), go to (where the star is) There you get your (number, ex: first, second, etc.) bonus star.